Dr. Yudhi Gejali


is a Medical Doctor who is very interested in oriental traditional healing. After graduated from his medical education in Maranatha Christian University,  Bandung in 2009, He worked for several hospitals and grew his passion more into natural healing, especially Acupuncture. He deepened his knowledge and skill of Acupuncture in Indonesia, Beijing, and Tokyo. He studied Japanese style Acupuncture from several teachers, such as: Oran Kivity, Stephen Birch, and David Soeharto for Manaka acupuncture and Meridian Therapy, Dr. Takahiro Funamizu for F-Teishin Technique for sleep and psychological problems, Reza Gunawan for TAT and Pregnancy Acupuncture, and from Dr. Tadashi Kanno, Dr. Sachiko Sugiyama, for gentle Daishi-Ryu Shonihari acupuncture to treat pediatric clients including baby.

Dr. Yudhi Gejali is a member of Indonesian Medical Doctor Assosciation and a fellow member of Medical Acupuncture Fellow of Indonesia (HIDAMI). He believes that both Western Medicine (biomedical) and Oriental Medicine  can complement each other.

Other than his clinic, Dr. Yudhi Gejali also leads weekly Meditation group, and grows his hobby in Zen Brush Calligraphy, Painting, and Guqin 古琴 (ancient Chinese 7-zithers musical instrument)

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