Manaka Acupuncture


Manaka Acupuncture or "Yin Yang Balancing Treatment" is formulated by Dr. Yoshio Manaka in his Japanese-style Acupuncture practice. It consists of 5 systematic steps to treat, not only the symptoms of the disease, but more importantly, the root causes of the disease. Japanese-style acupuncture relies heavily on palpation of the abdomen and pulse diagnosis, using a very thin needle with gentle, and shallow insertion, sometime the needle is not inserted at all. Most of the patients doesn't feel any pain at all during the treatment.


These 5 steps are:

1. Balancing and Harmonizing energetic system in the front area of the body (Yin).

2. Balancing and Harmonizing energetic system in the back area of the body (Yang)

3. Correcting postural and structural imbalance

4. Symptomatic Control

5. Home Treatment and Life Style Advice

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