Pregnancy Acupuncture

Japanese style Acupuncture is a gentle and painless technique of acupuncture that has unique role in supporting pregnant moms and the baby inside the womb, starting from early pregancy in first trimester, labor preparation and post labor period. Dr. Yudhi Gejali is well trained in doing Acupuncture for Pregnancy with his specific program modalities, such as:

a. HPA (Healthy Pregnancy Acupuncture): 1x/month

HPA is a standard procedure in supporting pregnancy process, starting from the earliest weeks of first trimester until 36 weeks of pregnancy. HPA is supporting Mom's body to embrace changes during this beautiful period, minimizing the feeling of dyscomfort that may occured, such as: fatigue, morning sickness, stress, and etc. It also helps the womb to nurture the development of the baby.

b. HB (Happy Baby and Hold The Baby Acupuncture): 2x (last week of the first and second trimester)

This procedure is to increase the connection between the mom and the baby, and to prevent miscarriage. Some additional techniques may be applied if there is higher risk of miscarriage.

c. PBA (Pre Birth Acupuncture): 1x/week

PBA is a procedure to prepare the Mother and Baby for smooth and healthy labor process. It is started from 37th week - 40 week of pregnancy. If the labor process has not started until 40th week of pregnancy, there is another protocol for Labor Initiation and Induction (LILI).

d. Post Partum recovery and Breastfeeding support

This program is to support the recovery process of the Mom and to support good lactation. Healthy Mom will able to take care of her baby better. 

e. Other protocols to help: Intrauterine Growth Retardation (IUGR), Pregnancy induced Hypertension, Breech/transverse fetal position, Placenta previa, bleeding, Low Back Pain, Baby Blues, etc.

Dr. Yudhi Gejali is ready to work together with your Obstetricians, Midwives, or Doulas to support your pregnancy. If you are interested in joining this program, please click here for booking appointment. Click here to read dr. Yudhi Gejali's blog about Acupuncture for Fertility.