Continuation of Dr. Yoshio Manaka

Finally i hang Dr. Yoshio Manaka's picture on my clinic's wall. I've been using his method of Japanese Acupuncture integrated with my medical knowledge in my Clinical Practice.

Dr. Manaka himself is a great scholar, both in western medicine (surgery) and oriental medicine (especially japanese acupuncture). He is the founder of Manaka Hospital in Odawara, Japan. He did a lot of researches about Meridian, X signal system, invented Ion Pumping Cord (IPC), manaka hammer, etc. He combined many techniques in moxibustion from Sawada, Shiroda, Fukaya, blood letting, korean and chinese auricular acupuncture and synthesized 4 Steps Manaka Acupuncture that i am using for most of my patients now. I am proud to be one of the continuation of his healing lineage and i bestow all respects to my Teachers or Sensei from whom i got this knowledge and skills: Oran Kivity Sensei and David Soeharto Sensei.

To book Japanese Acupuncture session with Dr. Yudhi Gejali, click here.

To know more the difference between Japanese Acupuncture and Chinese TCM Acupuncture, click here.

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